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Roman Nitribitt

Roman Nitribitt was born on September 17, 1893 in Krynica. He had been connected with the clan of pharmacists from two generations. His grand father – Hugon Nitribitt was a founder of the first, well stocked pharmacy in Krynica in 1860 and in Muszyna in 1874. Roman did a degree in Pharmacy at the University of Lviv and from 1926 he had worked in his father’s Henryk pharmacy. After his death he became its owner. 10 years later he moved this pharmacy from the house ‘Pod Orłem’ to the New Spa House. He spent all his and his ancestors’ fortune to equip and arrange it. Even nowadays, it is one of the most beautiful pharmacies of Europe.        

Like his ancestors he worked for the community of Krynica. In 1917 he established folk choir ‘Echo’ and a year later he reestablished the local People’s Theatre that had been launched by his mother Stanisława. He was an actor and director. In 1920 he launched Tennis Club of Krynica. He was a coauthor of the Krynica Circle of the Nowy Sącz branch ‘Beskid’ of the Polish Tatra Society, of which he became the first president. He was engaged in the construction of the luge track and ski jump. He wrote ‘Guidebook on the Beskid Krynicki’ and started writing Krynica’s Chronicle from its beginnings and he donated it to the town later. He was presented with a Golden Order of Honour of PTTK, of which he was very proud. He was 95 years old when he died on January 10, 1988.