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Leon Nowotarski

Leon Nowotarski was born in Żywiec in 1878. After graduating from the junior high school in Wadowice he studied Civil Engineering at the University of Technology of Vienna. In 1911 he moved to Krynica where he lived throughout his life. He got married to wife Janina Nitribit. At first he worked at the regulation of Kryniczanka and construction of waterworks. He became a director of the National Spa Institution in Krynica in 1918. He was a president of the Spa Committee, which meant that he played a crucial role in the development of the whole health resort.     

He was an originator of the opening of the Winter season in Krynica, of the construction of the New Mineral Baths, of the 8 new boreholes of mineral waters for bath treatment and then construction of their exploitation, transport and storage systems. O n the Park Hill many facilities were built: a stadium, a ski jump, cable railway up the Park Hill, luge track and great sanatoria ‘Lwigród’, ‘Kasztelanka’, ‘Patria’ and ‘New Spa House’. Therefore the interwar period in Krynica is called the ‘Epoch of Nowotarski’.                                          

After the war he reopened destroyed by war health resort, being its director. He died on October 18, 1957. He was buried in the Nitribitt family vault in the municipal cemetery.