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  • Ośrodek usytuowany w samym centrum Krynicy. Taka lokalizacja pozwala w krótkim czasie pieszo dojść do pijalni wód mineralnych i krynickiej bazy zabiegowej, zaś miłośnikom wędrówek szybko dotrzeć do szlaków turystycznych.more

  • Willa na Stoku - jest to nowo otwarty, kameralny ośrodek usytuowany u podnóża Góry Krzyżowej, z niezapomnianym widokiem na Górę Parkową i centrum Krynicy.more


Krynica and its surroundings is connected with the history of Lemkos – an ethnic group of Carpathian highlanders, inhabiting the areas along the main line of the Eastern Carpathians. In Poland they inhabit the area of Beskid Niski, and partly Beskid Sądecki and Bieszczady, in Slovakia they are spread over the area reaching the Tatra Mounatins. Allegedly, these people settled as a group of sedentary lifestyle at the end of the sixteenth century. There are many contradictory theories about the origins of Lemkos. Supposedly, they arrived in Poland in the Middle Ages with the migration group of the Wallachian tribes of shepherds, who left the lands of the current Romania. These people lived with the local Ruthenian people from whom they partly adopted customs, culture and language. Lemkos called themselves ‘Rusnaki’ and the name ‘Lemko’ appeared only in the nineteenth century. Lemkos maintained their traditions and language. Sheep breeding and farming were their main occupations. Majority of them was of Greek – Catholic Church.


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