For children

Krynica- the paradise for the whole family

What makes Krynica and it’s area a great place to spend your holiday in the family circle does not come only from the pleasant climate, peace and quiet spa resort, but above all it is because of great diversity of attractions for tourist of all ages.

You may find there an extensive variety of accommodation, from larger to smaller centers. You may choose accommodation with home cooking and family atmosphere, or you may stay in the cottages on the farm or in apartments. Krynica also offers you various possibilities to spend time with your children actively. 

Walking the promenade .... why not ? But in a very short distance from the heart of Krynica you will find Parkowa Mount with a complex of Paradise slides, pontoon slide, and the exciting funicular to the top of a mountain. And even the charming walking paths full of secret nooks, ponds and natural springs can be quite a challenge for the parents of young explorers.

Similarly the trip to the commercial parts of the resort, may be quite beneficial. We heartily invite you to try, because nowhere else will you find such beautiful handicraft products. And this is where you can recall the charm of traditional wooden toys from your childhood. Bows, swords, building blocks, dolls in folk costumes, sheep ... .. they are the usual souvenirs in which every child can be equipped even after a short visit to any corner of Krynica. Probably one of the positive aspects of such a visit is reduced weight of your wallet, but how much hard and tedious work can be spared from all Dads and grandparents who no longer have to pretend that making a bow or a sword for their beloved warriors is bread and butter to them.

"Sankostrada" located on Dabrowski street also guarantees an unforgettable experience - the all-season track resembling very much the bobsleigh track, but with an additional advantage of no snow necessity, because the ride takes place in a special double bogies instead of the traditional sleigh.

Bike routes with different levels of difficulty and sports equipment rental of wide range of, rope climbing park in Krynica at the foot of Jaworzyna, go-kart track nearby Tylicz, attractions offered by the stud farm and surrounding farms, open swimming pools as well as those in the resorts will succesfully fill in the rest of your free time.

And if that was not enough - all trails give a great opportunity to familiar your youngest with mountain flora and fauna, the beauty of the Beskidian landscape and the pleasure which comes form outdoor activities.

It is therefore strongly recommended for your children to be detached from televisions and computer screens and to be reminded of taste, flavor and charm of resting outside the city, because only in Krynica you can be overwhelmed by an illusion that we are all back to 6 year-old age , and where elsewhere if not here you can take a first picture of your family carriage rides…

We invite you all

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