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Krynica surroundings


fot. Janusz Kieblesz
Kamianna is a very picturesque town located at an altitude of 580 meters above sea level, in the middle of the triangle formed by the cities of Krynica, Nowy Sacz and Grybów. It is surrounded by a crown of mountains covered with forests mainly of fir trees. This creates a unique microclimate. The woods form a natural filter, whereby there is a calm, clean water, clean air and soil. This village of 240 inhabitants, situated in the municipality of Łabowa, became today’s medical and recreational centre of Polish apitherapy.


Kamianna has an old and rich history. The first information about that settlement is to be found in the document of Bishop Piotr Myszkowski from 1577. According to it, The first village leader was Jacek Łuczkowiec. Since 1637 the Greek Catholic parish existed there, erected by Bishop James Zadzik. In 1947, the village was inhabited mostly by Lemkos (name of the village is typical for Lemko settlements). After their deportation to the abandoned farm came people from areas of the Pieniny, Gorce and Podhale near the Tatra mountains. In Kamianna were two orthodox churches: one a Greek Catholic nowadays moved to Bukowiec near Tarnow) and the Orthodox Church, which still stands here. It dates from 1892, it’s roof is lined with sheet iron and covered with a baroque tower surmounted by onion domes with lanterns. Next to it is the freestanding bell tower with a tin dome. Luckily the interior equipment survived untouched - the entire iconostasis from the time of it’s construction. Beautiful sculptures, and many elements of design of the temple are works of a popular sculptor Jan Stefaniak. Today the church functions as a Roman Catholic church dedicated to the Virgin Mary’s Visitation.

In 1960 to Kamianna came Fr. Dr. Henry Ostach from St Philip’s Congregation. He was a beekeeping enthusiast and a great social activist. From this moment begins the real boom of the place. The priest had mobilized the local population to build a road from Kamianna to Kamienica Nawojowska. On his initiative, the Volunteer Fire Brigade was formed, then fire station was built, as well as independent electric power station, water work and gas pipeline.

fot. Janusz Kieblesz
In 1972 he organized the first in Kamianna “ Bee keeper’s Day”. On this occasion there was also the idea of building Bee keeper’s House, which was indeed built between 1979 - 1983 by the great commitment of the villagers, and beekeepers from all over Poland. In this unique building many achievements of world-wide bee breeders may be found. To this tradition Refers also the apiary "BARĆ" located in the centre of the village, close to church and the Beekeeper’s House. Over the years a small apiary grown into a sizeable manufacturing plant, which also operates museum, the department of pharmacy, teaching Unit and apiary department store with a wide assortment of their own honey, and bee milk products.

Tourist attractions

fot. Janusz Kieblesz
Kamianna has many advantages - location, to which the hardened road was built only in the 60s of the last century, remained uncontaminated by the waste of modern civilization. Bees here are simply stronger than elsewhere. They produce the best honey in Poland, but their job does not end only on honey. Virtually every act of honeybee activity could in fact be used for the good of man. Propolis is successfully competing with certain antibiotics. It can be used among many others as an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory remedy . Equally beneficial effects has a royal jelly discovered in science only 50 years ago. It removes fatigue, improves eyesight, mood and concentration. It is used in the treatment of neuroses and hypertension. Bee pollen accumulated by the bee helps to feel better as well as it helps to fight with atherosclerosis. The whole field of medicine dealing with the "bee therapy" has been called Apitherapy and Kamianna has every quality to be place suitable for such centre. You can with doctors’ help remove your ailments. You can also be treated in a prophylactic manner. That is why one of the few in Europe apitherapy resort was founded here.

The area of Kamianna is an interesting tourist site - hence the blue trail leads north to the Ptaszkowa and south to Kopciowa. There is an extensive network of agrotourism. In winter it is also a wonderful area for cross country skiing, and even beginners will find lifts suitable for them . 

For more information visit web page: www.kamianna.pl  and www.dompszczelarza.planty.pl

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