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Czesław Belec

Czesław Belec was born in Borysław in 1905. In 1930 he received a degree in Medicine at the University of Lviv and had worked in the Gynaecological Clinic till 1939. After that he was sent to serve in army, he was twice wounded in the September campaign. After the war he took the post of the head of the Military Hospital for the Treatment of Chronic Diseases in Krynica.                 

As a gynaecologist he worked on the influence of peat on estrogens and androgens. Results of this survey were presented and published at the International Convention in Nice. He was given a title of the senior doctor lecturer in Medicine as a result of his science work. Together with other doctors he worked on project to determine the chemical composition of mineral waters and their healing properties in specific diseases.                               

Doctor Belec was also engaged in geological works. He discovered a new mineral spring near Powroźnik, whose water was named ‘Czesław’ after its discoverer. He also did research on mineral waters of health resort Wysowa. When he retired, he was occupied with ecology – he described how noise and exhaust fumes influence human organism, he determined lead content in the soil of Krynica and the whole Podkarpacie region. He is an author of over 50 science publications in balneology, climatology and environmental protection. His research contributed to the spread of the knowledge about the healing properties of mineral waters and about the influence of the microclimate of health resort Krynica on human organism.