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Water therapy

Therapeutic effects of mineral water

The curative properties of mineral waters, known and appreciated for a long time, are still the focus of medicine. Krynica's mineral waters are a country treasure and represent a high medical and economic value. Progressive in the world contamination of natural environment causes adverse changes in water- and -electrolyte system of man. Mineral waters are natural elements of the human environment and therefore are used in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

The types of mineral waters

Mineral waters: Słotwinka, Jan, Józef, Mieczyslaw, Tadeusz Zuber, undoubtedly belong to the natural wealth of Krynica. There are a total of 23 shots: 5 natural springs and 18 wells. Krynica’s mineral waters with outstanding medicinal properties are used to treat gastrointestinal diseases, especially gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, hyperacidity and achlorhydria, inflammation of the stomach and intestines, diseases of the pancreas, liver and bile ducts. They are also used to treat anemia, and metabolic diseases: atherosclerosis, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, gout and urolithiasis. Krynica’s highly carbonated mineral water is used not only as a drinking cures (krenotherapy) but also it is used for medicinal and mineral acid-carbon baths . Krynica has also the only in the country dry bath of natural gas carbon dioxide, which can be used even by patients with disorders of heart and blood circulation disorders.


Healing effect of these waters has been proved by long empirical observation, and with the progress of medical science, by multilateral physico-chemical and clinical research. All sources in Krynica are hypothermal and water features are either hypoosmotic (John Joseph) or hyperosmotic (Zuber). All are alkaline highly carbonated mineral water. On the administrative area of Krynica resort there are currently 23 mineral water intake from the 7 sources suitable for drinking water treatment or for the production of bottled water (John, Zuber, Słotwinka). The other approach provides mineral water for inhalation therapy (inhalation) and treatment in a mineral-surgical acid-carbonated bath points in the New Mineral Baths, and in some sanatoria.

Krynica Spa base on natural material for the treatment, which is a real advantage of this place, but also it has a wide range of electrotherapy, phototherapy, and hydrotherapy treatments:

  1. Short-Wave Diathermy - treatments rely on the invocation of heat in the tissues of patients by focusing electromagnetic field. Use in treatment of chronic gastric and duodenal ulcers, gynecology problems, treatment of kidney and urinary system, musculoskeletal system and the frontal and lateral nasal sinuses;
  2. terapuls - as indicated in the application of short-wave diathermy;
  3. diadynamics - treatment of traumas of joints, and vascular trophic disorders, neurotic pain, peripheral nerve and muscle paralysis;
  4. interdyn - Post-injuries states, joint pain, spinal disorders, neuralgia, neuritis, shingles;
  5. ionophoresis - inflammation of the cervix, hormonal disorders, inflammatory diseases of the abdominal cavity and rheumatoid arthritis;
  6. four-cell bath - polyneuropathy, neuralgia, paresis, pain syndromes in the course of osteoarthritis of the spine, osteoarthritis, and so-called vegetative neurosis and disorders of the peripheral;
  7. ultrasound - a chronic inflammation of the joints, muscles, nerves, changes in distorting the spine and joints, neuralgia, scars, keloids, sclerodermia, Raynaud's disease;
  8.  phototherapy (Sollux lamp, quartz lamp) - convalescence, secondary anemia, poor metabolism caused by deficiency of the internal secretion glands, chronic inflammation, bronchitis, chronic inflammation of the peripheral nerves, bone decalcification of post-traumatic, post-gastrectomy, achlorhydria, primarily chronic rheumatism, psoriasis;
  9. water cure  
    • Underwater Massage: muscle atrophy from inactivity, flaccid paralysis, post-fractures, dislocations, twists of ankles, post-injuries of soft tissue, the palsy, mild inflammatory diseases from the group of rheumatic diseases 
    • whirlpool lower and upper limbs: indications similar to the underwater massage;
    • jacuzzi: stimulate the nervous system, relax, acts as sleeping pills;
    • showers: in autonomic neuroses, metabolic diseases and diseases of the joints;
  10. Kinetic therapy – kinetic therapy task is to improve the efficiency of the physical system in wide spectrum of the motor system, the muscular system, nervous system and joints and the blood circulation, respiration and metabolism. Field Therapy is a variation kinetic therapy. For this purpose track health of the Park Hill in Krynica shall be used with appropriately chosen set of equipment for gymnastics, all the other trails for walking and hiking trails. Field Treatment primarily rehabilitates and educates the overall efficiency of exertion;
  11.  hand massage, aquavibron - it improves peripheral circulation and relieves the work of the heart, strengthens endocrine activity and thus increased metabolism, improved elimination of waste products, accelerates sucking- in exudates and transudates, increases the excretion of lactic acid anhydride and carbonic acid from the muscles, tones muscles;
  12. mud therapy - currently the most commonly used are surgery, sitting mud baths, mud wrap and mud tampons. The warmth of mud cause overheating of the tissues in the patient’s body and consequently boosting blood circulation, acceleration of heart rate and breathing, flushing, transient drop in blood pressure, speeding up metabolism and anti-inflammatory effects of peat components. Overheating immunization enhances processes favorable for the treatment of infectious cases, inflammation. Indications for use of peat is very wide, mainly in the organs of movement disorders, gynecology, neurology, urology and gastroenterology.;
  13. paraffin - especially favorable treatment in diseases of the joints of different origins, neuralgia, post-injuries, scars and in cases of postoperative adhesions;
  14. In recent years, spas are enriched by a new generation of devices, further extending the range of treatments, they are:
    •  magnetothrony – healing with pulse magnetic field with a variable parameters of frequency, amplitude and intensity  
    • biostimulation lasers - in the infrared range with a wide impact on the tissue: healing, regenerative, stimulating
    • monochromatic light, polarized type Bioptron, with bio stimulating effects: therapeutic, stimulating, regenerative, used, among others. to eliminate wrinkles.
    • mud therapy with galvanic complement - mud wraps enriched with galvanic current enhances the impact of current anti-inflammatory components in the mud
    • solariums and sun-boxes - emit UVA radiation to obtain a brilliant tan  
    • stymaty 120, 200 and 300 – use the Nemec, Traube, and Bernard currents on the deep tissues in order to obtain anti-inflammatory effect, improving the blood supply and regeneration.