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Accomodation offers

  • B&B Karla is set a quiet port of Krynica called Słotwina close to the ski port of Słotwina(500m). We offer accommodation for 50 people, available rooms are for 1,2,3 or 4 people with bathroom. There ...more

  •  Apartamenty z basenem Krynica-Zdrój w "Osadzie nad Słotwinką"   Samodzielne i wygodne, nowocześnie urządzone Apartamenty 2, 3,4,5,6 osobowe, niektóre dwu-pokojowe z dwoma łazienkami, aneks ...more


Geographical location

Krynica is situated actually in the middle of the Carpathians (49 ° 25 north latitude and 20 °58' east longitude). The spa is located in the eastern part of Jaworzyna Krynicka band - one of the two bands of Beskid Sadecki. Most of the surrounding peaks rise at an altitude of 700-950 meters above sea level. The highest mountain ranges - Jaworzyna Krynicka (1114 m). towers over them.

South eastern part of the Krynica Zdroj municipality falls partly on the area of Beskid Niski, where the peaks do not exceed 1000 m above sea level. The town expanded along the valleys of small streams - Palenica, Czarny Potok and Kryniczanka. There is also the picturesque River Muszynka, which flows directly into the Poprad river.

Forested peaks protect the resort nearly from all sides, which creates the impression of "forcing the" town in-between the hills. Krynica is sheltered from the west by the spine of Krzyżowa Mount (819 m). From the north it is shadowed by Hawrylówka (783m.npm) Jasiennik (766m.npm) and Hussars (832m.npm), while from the south - east by the summit of Szalone (832m.npm) and thrusting a wedge in the center of the resort the massive peak of Parkowa Mount.(741m. asl).

Town centre is located in Kryniczanka’s valley. Most of the spa buildings, is located at an altitude of 550-650 meters above sea level, some spas and private buildings, however, are well over 650 meters (eg, Collie, Panorama). The development of the town and a constant influx of population from rural areas led to encroachment of buildings on the slopes (Zamkowa street), and in the surrounding valleys (Słotwiny, Czarny Potok – nowadays specific neighborhoods of Krynica, developing tourism throughout the year).