Pump rooms

The Main Pump Room

In the center, the pedestrian zone.

Open daily from. 6:30-18:00

(Contact our Sales Department +48 18 477 74 32)

mineral water:

  • Jan
  • Słotwinka
  • Tadeusz
  • Zdrój Główny
  • Zuber

Earlier this place was a fountain designed by Felix Księżarski. It was built on the "main Zdroj" in 1869 and demolished in 1969.

The new fountain was opened for patients' in 1971 The total space is 4,540 m2 (compared to the old area of the Main Fountain which was 756 m2).

Pump Room  "Mieczysław"

The Old House Spa.

Opening hours. 10:00-18:00 

only  'Mieczysław' water


Pump Room "Jan"

At the Resort Park at the foot of the Parkowa mountain.

Opening hours. 10:00-14:00, 14:30-18:00,

out of season 10:00 - 13:00 

Mineral water:

  • Jan
  • Józef - available only here 

Once at this point there were two separate pavilions on each of the sources.

In 1933 the current pump room was built hiding both sources. Spring "Joseph" was called originally springs Dudzik 1, named after their owner.

Source has been purchased by the Board of Health in 1880.

It received a new name in honor of Dr. Joseph Merunowicz, then the head of the Department of Sanitary Governorship in Lviv, very concerned with the development of Krynica. the source, "John” is located 200 m from "Joseph” .

Source name "John" is related to the bathing person whose name was John. He used to bring water from the untapped source for the patients receiving a mud treatment. Source is located in a place where a small well room is now built. 

Pump Room "Słotwinka"

In  Słotwiński Park.

Open only in summer season

(From the beginning. June to end September)

in hours. 10:00-13:00

  spring 'Słotwinka' only