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 The Park Hill

Situated in the centre of Krynica, excellent place in terms of access and panoramic views. You can reach its top on foot or with a funicular railway. If you decide to go up on foot, follow the yellow or blue tourist trail. They will both lead you to the top. Looking northwards you can admire the view over Krynica and looking southwards there is a beautiful view over the neighbouring villages of Krynica, e.g. Powroźnik.


This is the most spectacular mountain un the region of Krynica. It is popular due to the modern gondola lift that carries tourists from Krynica to the top of Jaworzyna. We can start mounting up from Krynica and follow the green tourist trail that begins near the gondola lift station. For those to whom this trail is too steep, halfway there is a possibility to substitute it for the wide road leading to the mountain chalet on the Jaworzyna top.
On a clear day we can admire scenery around Krynica, as well as the High Tatra Mountains.

Góra Krzyżowa

It is situated near Krynica. To get there you have to follow yellow tourist trail. There is a large cross on the top that commemorates an event in the history of Poland that is called ‘Konfederacja Barska’.


From the surroundings of this hill there is a perfect view over the centre of Krynica. It is situated near Góra Krzyżowa. A red tourist trail crosses this hill. From its top Góra Parkowa, Góry Szalone and Jaworzyna Krynicka can be seen.

Bacówka nad Wierchomlą

It is a Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society’s ( a Polish acronym - PTTK) tourist chalet in Beskid Sądecki, in Jaworzyna mountain range, between Runk and Pusta Wielka. It can be reached by following the blue tourist trail. From the glade, Radziejowa (the highest peak of Beskid Sądecki)and Wielki Rogacz range can be seen and with a good visibility Tatra Mountains as well.