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Tourist's Ten Commandments

Emergency number in the mountains: 975 or 601100 300

  1. Before you set off for the mountains, consider whether you have enough experience. Before leaving assess yours and your friends – especially children’s state of health and physical strength.
  2. Prepare an accurate plan of the trip in advance, the best are improvisations ... well prepared. Read tourist guidebooks, maps, use tourist information, follow the instructions of mountain guides, shelter hosts and local people.
  3. In the mountains weather conditions change very quickly and often, therefore clothes against bad weather conditions and cold as well as high, durable shoes on a ‘moulded’ sole are necessary.
  4. Going for a trip to the mountains, leave at home, in the mountain chalet or at your friends’ information about the destination, the route of the trip and an estimated time of your return. In this way, you will be easily rescued in case of emergency.
  5. Adjust the pace of walk to the abilities of the person least fit in the expedition group. ‘Devouring kilometres’, unavoidably, leads to the exhaustion and what is more, it limits the pleasure of admiring the wonderful scenery in the mountains.
  6. Watch every of your steps, falls happen not only in the rough ground. Especially, difficult sections of the route need some extra caution, these are: steep, wet and snow-covered hillsides, patches of the old snow. Do not wander off the marked trail which is usually considered to lead optimally concerning safety as well as the effort needed for the route to be covered.
  7. Do not cause the stones to fall as it may put other tourists in some serious jeopardy . Through a spot which is at risk from falling rocks and stones, walk quickly and cautiously.
  8. The decision of turning back is not a shame but a voice of reason. Do not feel ashamed to turn back when the weather becomes bad, the fog falls or the route turns out to be too difficult to cope.
  9. Respect the nature, do not make a noise – it is dangerous. Keep the mountains clean and tidy. You show your good manners by not littering.
  10. If, with all the caution, an accident happens, do not lose your cool above all. Put an injured person in a safe position, in sight and accompanied. Call for help of the Mountain Rescue Team (a Polish acronym – GOPR) with a signal appropriate in the mountains.