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Educational and Nature Trails

A Forest Promoting Park (a Polish acronym - LKP) ‘The woods of Beskid Sądecki’ was constituted as one of four others on the 14 of October 2004 by Dyrektor Generalny Lasów Państwowych Leśnych Kompleksów Promocyjnych. It covers the area of The Piwniczna Forest Inspectorate and The Forest Experimental Institution in Krynica-Zdrój.


Its main goals are: the ecological education of the society, to awake sensitivity to forest and the nature, to promote permanently balanced forest economy. Although the LKP is still being organized, The Forest Experimental Institution (a Polish acronym - LZD) in Krynica-Zdrój has prepared and opened up extremely attractive educational and nature trails for those who are interested.

By walking along these trails and admiring wonderful views, people can become familiar with interesting natural objects and gain a lot of interesting and technical information about the features of these objects, from the boards situated in the route.