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Hiking Proposals

The Yellow Trail

The Yellow Trail  - ( Pedestrian Precinct– Parkowa - Huzary -Jakubik - Hawrylówka - Jaworzynka – Krzyżowa - Pedestrian Precinct )
A popular trail leading around Krynica.

The Green Trail

The Green Trail  -  ( The centre of Krynica - The Krzyżowa Pass – Diabolic Stone  - Jaworzyna Krynicka).

Usually, tourists start this route from the center of Krynica. Setting off from Krynica we can reach Jaworzyna Krynicka or Huzary.

The Blue Trail

The Blue Trail –  ( Pedestrian Precinct – the Park Hill – Szalone – Bradowiec – Rakowskie – Powroźnik )
A route leading through the outskirts of Krynica, usually linked up with the Yellow Trail.

The Red Trail

The Red Trail – (Krynica - Holica – Jaworzyna – Runek – Łabowska Hala) 
Extremely attractive on all counts. Every tourist will certainly find a route of his or her dreams. This trail stretches along the whole Beskid Niski nad Beskid Sądecki. Usually picked by tourists who go on few days’ expeditions with the accommodation in a mountain shelter.

The Black Trail

The Black Trail –  There are three such trails in Krynica:

  • The first one  - Żegiestów - Zubrzy Wierch - Pusta Wielka
  • The second one - Wierchomla mała – Bacówka nad Wierchomlą
  • The third one – Kopiec Pułaskiego – Huzary – Tylicz