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  • Firma Aba Apartamenty ma Państwu do zaoferowania najpiękniejsze Apartamenty ulokowane w wielu miejscach w Krynicy. Posiadamy Apartamenty w centrum miasta a także znajdujące się blisko wyciągó ...more

Parkowa Mountain and Spa Park

The Parkowa mountain (741 m.a.s.l.) with the park on its slopes is a great walking area located in the city centre. The original track layouts from 1810 are virtually retained. In the park forest many interesting attractions and sites can be found:

Ponds. On the western slope of the mountain four landslide lakes known as “Czaple Stawy”(“Heron Ponds, with the largest “Swan Pond” are located. From spring to late autumn the ponds are inhabited by several water bird species.

Pavilions. On the northern slope of the mountain two wooden huts built in the 19th century overlook the Palenica Valley. The huts are known as “Wanda" and "Dream", respectively”.

Statue of Virgin Mary Queen of the wells of Krynica.
The statue, famous for graces, often gathers the resort visitors. It was designed by the renown sculpture artist Arthur Grottger and put up in 1864 on the funds raised by Seweryna Countess of Baden, who was known for her support of the sick and the poor. Its twin statue was erected at the Mary's Square in Lviv. The figure is fenced with an iron balustrade. In 1950, a new concrete platform with steps was added to facilitate the access to the statue.

Kraszewski's Bench, put up to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his artistic activity in the so-called ‘Edwardowka’. The unveiling ceremony took place on August 1, 1881. The monument was designed by a famous artist Wojciech Gerson. Some 20 years later, a bronze bust of Kraszewski was set up close to the bench, with an inscription “J.I. Kraszewski’s place. To commemorate his stay in Krynica in 1866 at its anniversary in 1897." Kraszewski spent the summer of 1866 in Krynica where he underwent a health treatment. His stay was abruptly ended due to the Prussian-Russian political conflicts.

Michasiowa Polana
is a nice spot for a rest for the resort patients after a walk around the Park Hill. There is a spring of mineral water called "Bocianówka", topped by a peculiar casting (a stork with a child holding tight to its neck.)








At the mountain Summit there is an upper station of a cable car and the restaurant "U Babci Maliny”. Particular attraction called "Paradise slides" is a high tower from which one can slide down the mountain slope using specially constructed steel "slide gutter." On a clear day the summit offers a stunning view of the Beskid Sadecki, Beskid Niski and sometimes even the Tatra Mountains.








The Cable Car Line was built in the 1920s on the initiative of E. Chodzicki, the professor at the Agricultural University of Cracow, who modernized the entire Spa Park by expanding the tracks, planting exotic trees and setting up clearings which allowed beautiful views of the surroundings. The cable car line used for the first time on December 17th 1937 was at that time the second of its kind in Europe. It is 642 m long and spans a 142 m difference in altitude. The lower station is located in the so-called “Janowiec”, between 'Hydropatria' and the Hotel 'President'.