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Orchestra concerts

The Orchestra “Zdrojowa” concerts are an important part of cultural activity in Krynica. The orchestra performs throughout the year 5 days a week in the Concert Hall of the Main Fountain, and in summer also in the band shell on the pedestrian zone:

  • Wednesday, Thursday: 3.30 - 5.30 p.m.
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 - 12.00 a.m

The break in Orchestra’s concerts are only for the period August 15 - September 15 (this is the duration of the European Festival of Jan Kiepura and the Economic Forum.)

Zdrojowa Orchestra was established in 1875 by Adam Wroński, under whose baton it quickly became one of the main attractions of the resort. The conductor skilfully chose the contractors and the orchestra’s ambitious program. Among the repertoire of the orchestra could be found symphonic works (minor overtures and lyrical miniatures), and dance music. Wroński, himself a native of Krakow, completed his musical studies in Vienna. One of his first engagements was to conduct the orchestra of the Old Theatre in Krakow, and then - for 40 years – the Orchestra “Zdrojowa”. In addition to conducting art, he was a great violinist, composer and teacher (he was often called “The Polish Strauss”). He wrote several mazurkas, polkas and waltzes. In addition, he often illustrated musical theatrical plays. His most comprehensive works include the ballet "The Wedding of the Fathers", s well as overtures and songs for choir and orchestra. Adam Wroński died during the World War I (December 7, 1915) in Krynica.

Currently, nine musicians create the Orchestra, many of which teach at the National School of Music I and II degree in Nowy Sacz and its subsidiaries in Krynica. The concert team includes: Anthony Gazda - accordion, keyboards, Marian Juraszek - flute, Andrew Klimkowski - drums, Wieslaw Łapka - violin, orchestra in the years 1988-2006, Edward Markiewicz - trumpet, George Repel - bass guitar, violin, Mieczyslaw Smyda , conductor of the orchestra since 2007 and head of the Krynica branch of the National School of Music, Halina Walter - violin and Eve Wiecek - piano. This small group gives concerts throughout the year 5 days a week (Wednesday and Thursday 3.30 - 5.30 p.m., Sat. and Sun. 10.00 - 12.00 a.m.) The only time when you cannot hear them is for the duration of the Kiepura Festival and Economic Forum (15 August - 15 September).

Permanent place of The Orchestra Zdrojowa performances is the Main Pump Room Concert Hall which houses 300 seats. In the summer at favourable weather conditions the musicians perform in the shell located at the promenade near the Central Fountain. This creates a wonderful, unique climate which annually attracts the enthusiasts of good music.

Over the years, the Orchestra has developed a rich and varied repertoire. Musicians perform the well-known movie themes, songs and folkloric dance tunes. Most of the audience are resort visitors and holidaymakers, who often view listening to the Concert Orchestra as a sort of music therapy. An interesting diversion performances are held once a month. It is a wish list Concert, which gives the Orchestra an opportunity for closer contact with the audience simultaneously fulfilling the auditors expectations.

When you are in Krynica, it is worth considering to devote a solid portion of your time to good music, which Zdrojowa Orchestra provides at no charge.

  For more information visit: www.orkiestrazdrojowa.krynica.pl