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Municipal Sport and Recreation Centre

MOSIR - Municipal Sport and Recreation Centre
St. Park Sportowy im. dr. Juliana Zawadowskiego 5
Phone no: +48 18 472 38 24

Municipal Sport and Recreation Centre is a budget unit of the Civic Centre Krynica-Zdrój.
Centre accomplishes tasks concerning physical education, sport and recreation. It employs
qualified staff and brings together people actively doing sport.
The basic tasks of MOSiR are in particular: training youth teams, helping KS KTH to organise hockey games, maintenance and providing access to the sports and recreation facilities, development of sport services, cooperation with sports clubs and with territorial self-government units, organisation of sports events for children and the young in summer and administration of skating rinks open for general use (in the period from July to April) together with skates rental.
Centre owns a number of sport facilities that are places where many national and international events are held.
MOSiR has at its disposal:

  • ice hall by the St. Park Sportowy 5
  • tennis courts by the St. Park Sportowy
  • football stadium by the St. Park Sportowy
  • recreation areas in the housing estate Czarny Potok
  • car park by the St. Słotwińska (accessible in winter)
  • facilities of the disused luge run