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Hotels and guesthouses of Krynica - the history in a nutshell

In 1721 Krynica was still a mountain valley on the border of two mountain ranges (Beskid Sądecki and Niski).
Since that year it came to be one of the most interesting urban area with its own characteristic architecture.
The original axis of the town was a Road alongside Kryniczanka stream.
 At the same time a new walking pavement was constructed on the river banks.
The resort buildings with baths, a guesthouse, inn and the house for the resort doctor as well as a pavilion near the main spring, and a park with alleys near by were built in 1820.
Still existing pavilion called Slotwinka with its unique architecture ( it’s a wooden twelve sides building imitating China style.)
However the most influential over Krynica’s architecture was 19th century. Famous wooden villas like Biała Róża, Witoldówka, Stefania, Wisła, Węgierska Korona or Koncertowa restaurant date back from that time.
These villas are thought to resemble a style of Tirol but in fact they simply mirror local mountain building traditions.


Prestigious Stary Dom Zdrojowy was built in late 19 century and every important event is held there because of beautiful ball room.
The famous hotels Lwigrod, Partia or Małopolanka represent an architecture of dynamic early 20 century.
And it can be added that Krynica is still developing its own architecture and style.
One thing however does not change. It is the high standard.
No matter what kind of accommodation will you choose, it can be a hotel from belle époque or quite modern building, you will never be disappointed.