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  • Pobyty świąteczne już od 130 zł / doba     CENTRUM LECZENIA I REHABILITACJI "BESKID"  – położony jest w ścisłym centrum Krynicy-Zdroju na słonecznym zboczu Góry Krzyżowej w og ...more

  • Orlik Hotel – Place for Demanding people. Krynica from its best side! We warmly invite you to the recently opened Orlik Hotel in Krynica-Zdrój. The Orlik is an intimate boutique hotel disting ...more

  • Obiekt Centrum Zdrowia, Urody i Rekreacji GEOVITA w Krynicy-Zdroju to komfortowy ośrodek położony w bezpośrednim sąsiedztwie lasów i Parku Zdrojowego, jest idealnym miejscem na wypoczynek i rel ...more


Beskid Sądecki

Beskid Sadecki is located between the Dunajec river which forms its northern and western border, and the Kamienica and Tylicz Pass. The area is rich in many streams, rivers and brooks such as Muszynka, Kamienica, Grajcarek. Streaming centrally by the Beskid Sadecki Poprad, the biggest river of the region, divides it into two parts. To the west of Poprad extends from Radziejowa range, to the east the band of Jaworzyna Krynicka. The highest peak of Beskid is Radziejowa,( 1262 m). Other important hills in the area are Wielki Rogacz, 1182 m, Złomisty Wierch, 1226 m, and Skałka, 1136 m. Jaworzyna Krynicka dominates above the eastern part of Beskid Sadecki reaching a height of 1114 m, along with other peaks like Runko , 1080 m, or Góra Krzyżowa, 982 m.

Formed in the final phase of the Alpine tectonic movements the Beskidy are the youngest mountains in Poland. The main components here are sedimentary rocks and the Carpathian flysch, and that is a mixture of sandstone, shale, conglomerate and marl. Beskidy mountain range has a temperate climate characterized by high variability of the weather, long winters, significant and frequent rainfall and strong winds (halny). Heavy rainfall and snow persisting in the mountains from November to April often results in spring and summer floods. Villages sheltered from the north, such as Krynica-Zdroj, enjoy abundant sunshine and are characterized by excellent climatic conditions o typical for sub Alpine region. Climate of Sącz Basin and Łącko area is much milder and encourages the development of horticulture.

Due to the presence of numerous mineral springs the area offers many resorts and treatments places such as Krynica-Zdroj, Muszyna, Żegiestów-Zdroj, Piwniczna-Zdrój and Rytro. It is also worthwhile to follow the trail of numerous Greek Catholic churches scattered in the area, visit the Nowy Sacz, the largest town in the region, called the "gateway to Beskid" Stary Sacz with the unique market and the beautiful St Clare’s Monastery . Kamianna is a village famous for apitherapy and wonderful honey. For those who seek peace and quiet Beskid Sadecki offers numerous tourist farms with regional gourmet kitchen and a nearby large forests - a paradise for mushroom pickers.

Jaworzyna Krynicka

The word "Beskid" means clearing or pasture high in the mountains. these pastures in Polish called- hala- are located in the upper part of the hills and occasionally include top of the mountain. They offer a very picturesque panorama to a tourist, and the most beautiful panorama you can see from Jaworzyna Krynicka. On the eastern side there is a view over the of the Czarny Potok valley and then you can see the Beskid Niski with Lackowa towering over the other hills. From the north you observe a chain of wooded hills, and from the west, with good visibility, you can see the Gorce and breathtaking panorama of the Tatra Mountains near Bielsko.

Below the top a mountain chalet is located next to the museum of hiking where you can read the documentation of tourist activities here or see everything that concerns the development of tourism in Beskid Sadecki. In front of the building is a big square, where every year in the New Year's Eve a solemn Mass is performed at midnight for the mountain people.

Mountain chalet on Jaworzyna, now known as Hotel Górski is situated at an altitude of 1050 m. The building was completely renovated in the late nineties of the XX century and currently has 34 beds in rooms of high standard.

Jaworzyna Krynicka with its vast pastures and gentle slopes are paradise for skiers. It was always attractive place for enthusiasts who have no regard for the hardships of going up on top and coming down on so-called GOPR slope, which needed to be previously beat while ascending the mountain on skis. Plans to build a railway to Jaworzyna Krynicka still existed in the Communist times and combined even a little crazy ideas, such as the combination of the summit of the mountain in the centre of Krynica, with a lift to the peak of Jaworzyna. Finally, in 1997 the construction of gondola railways leading from the Czarny Potok to the top of Jaworzyna was completed. Ski slopes were designed. The difference in altitude is 465 metres. It takes around 7 minutes to ride a gondola to the top. Currently, the ski station on Jaworzyna boasts of 7 well kept ski tracts of varying difficulty and a total length of more than 6000 metres. While the longest is 2600m, the shortest has 248 m.


  Type statement Length The average slope Light
Nr I Red 6-os Gondola, drag device 2600 m 18% +/+
Nr II Red "FAMILY" 2 -person chair lift 900 m 27% -/+
Nr III Blue drag device 650 m 18 % +/+
Nr IV Red "FAMILY" 2drag devices 1000 m 26 % -/+
Nr V Black drag device 1000 m 32% -/+
Nr VII Green drag device 248 m 15 % -/+
Ski training "Turtle" drag device 100 m 10 % +/+
Ski training "Small Wacek" drag device 100 m 10% -/+


Area around Jaworzyna Krynicka is an interesting area not only for skiers but also for those who love hiking or horse-riding, or those who seek new challenges in the form of mountain biking. Many horse trails cycling and walking routes crosses here.

Walking trails in the area:

1. From Jaworzyna to Krynica.

The Red route ( which forms a part of the main Beskidian Route )

The difference in altitude 494 m

Descending time approx 2.5 hours

Ascending time of about 4 hours

2. From Jaworzyna to Krynica by the Krzyżowa and the Czarny Potok valley, with extension to Słotwiny

The difference in altitude 466 m

Green Route

Descending time approx 2.5 hours

Ascending time of approximately 3 h

3.From Jaworzyna to Słotwiny through Runek and Przysłop

The difference in altitude 500 m

Red route to Runek, then blue, yellow at the end

Walking time about 3 hours

4. From Jaworzyna to Złockie

The difference in altitude 700 m

Green Route

Descending time approx 1.5 hours

Ascending time 2.5 - 3 hours

5. Around the Parkowa Mountain in Krynica, Huzary, Kopciową, Jaworzynka, Krzyżowa Mountain

Yellow trail

Walking time approximately 6-7 hours

6. From Szczawnik to Pusta Wielka and Runek

Route yellow first, then blue

Walking time approximately 4 hours

7. From the Pulaski's Mound to Tylicz through Huzary

Black trail

Walking time 1.5 hours

The shelters and other places in the Beskid Sadecki


The top of the highest peak of Beskid Sadecki is covered with forest, whose fir reach the age of over three hundred years and the mighty Christmas tress dominate over the other trees. You can admire a beautiful panorama of Beskid Sadecki and adjacent bands, as well as Tatra Mountains if you climb a sound tower standing next to obelisks commemorate the millennium of the Baptism of  Poland (966)


Przehyba, in Lemko language –Prehyba- it’s a wide clearing spanning at a height of 1,175 m closed by a peak of 1,192 m . Przehyba is one of the most frequent visited places in the Beskidy. Below the summit is a huge and sturdy shelter, rebuilt after a fire which destroyed the wooden part of the hostel in 1991.


If you follow the red trail from Rytro to Prehyba, you will find it just below the top of Niemcowa. Apart from a few huts - farms, There is a seasonal shelter of Spartan conditions.


Following the red trail from Rytro toward Wielki Rogacz (1181 m) you can relax in a private chalet on the mountainside of Kordowiec (762 m). Kordowiec Cottage welcomes guests with the peace and cordiality which makes this place a perfect asylum for those who run away from the hustle and bustle of cities.


Hamlet of that name is located over Rytro on the red trail leading to Hala Łabowską. Among one of the few farms on steep slopes there is a private hostel Cyrla famous for its superb cuisine and friendly atmosphere.


On the red trail over the Sucha Dolina ski station, the sheperd’s hut welcome guests to Obidza with superb traditional regional cuisine. This space provides an ideal base for those who prefer hiking and cycling.

Hala Łabowska

It is a vast clearing on the route to Jaworzyna Krynicka, where shelter was built in 1953 - this is the perfect stop for tourists coming from Krynica to Rytro as well as for those who follow natural educational route of Count Adam Stadnicki.

Shelter over Wierchomla

This is one of the nicest places in the band of Jaworzyna Krynicka. It's small shelter, built of thick logs situated on the blue route leading to Runek from Szczawnik and Wierchomla. Located on a vast pasture at a height of 880 m. On clear days it offers a beautiful view over the band of Radziejowa and the Tatra Mountains.


educational path of nature „On the slope of Jaworzyna Krynicka”