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Border Crossing Points

On the 21st of December by virtue of the Schengen Agreement border control ceased.

Muszynka - Kurov

Border crossing point is situated on the Tylicka Pass (683m), from Poland you can reach it by following an A-road no.75 from Krynica-Zdrój through Tylicz to Bardejów in Slovakia. There is not much traffic in this crossing point, it is because of the fact that in Muszynka there are 2 bridges that can carry only 7 tons. The infrastructure of the crossing point (built by the Slovakian side) was removed, there are only two street lamps left that light up the place where border between Poland and Slovakia crosses the road.
It is possible to get near this crossing point, as there is a bus line that reaches the upper end of the village Muszynka (bus stop – Muszynka Granica). There are 5 runs per day. The distance between the bus stop and the crossing point is about 1 km.

Leluchów - Čirč

Border crossing point situated to the south from Muszyna.


Other border crossing points with roads in the region of Sądecczyzna and Podhale:

Konieczna - Zborów ( to the south from Gorlice)

Piwniczna - Miniszek nad Popradem (to the south from Nowy Sącz)

Niedzica Łysa nad Dunajcem ( in the Pieniny Mountains)

Łysa Polana - Javorina (on the trail from Zakopane to Morskie Oko)

Chochołów - Sucha Horza (to the south from Nowy Targ and Czarny Dunajec)

Chyżne - Trsten (on Orawa)