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Go skiing with your child


If you love to spend your free time on the slope and you happen to have a family, very quickly you will start to deliberate how to persuade them to pick up your hobby. 
According to specialists even three or four year old children may start to learn and are able to control their little bodies enough. On the other hand we have to admit that children develop very individually and it is you who is the best judge when your child can start a ski adventure.
First of all try to interest your child and encourage him or her by playing in the snow. Than you can make it familiar with such  inventions as skis, sticks or helmet, and above all, with the ski lift.
Two or three 20 minutes training is more than enough on the first day. Don’t forget about warm up before each training. It can be very simple like jumps or knee bends or it can be going up the hill wearing the ski. When your kid is keen on doing that and he/she wants more you should consider whether it is not a good idea to hire a ski instructor.
It is true that no one understands and knows better what is good than the parents. Kids play eagerly with mum and dad in the snow. However, when it comes to teaching how to skiing, there is no doubt that children follow ski instructor advise and obey him better than their parents.
Additionally a professional lesson will help to avoid many mistakes in technique, which can be hard to eliminate later on.
An experienced ski teacher with good teaching skills will provide safety for your child and what’s more while he is taking care of your youngster you can make use of your own skills and go skiing nearby. You can enjoy the slope without necessity of spending all your break in a ski school.

When your child feels confident with moving on the ski it is time for a close meeting with a ski lift.

The rope lift or plate lift is the best for children. At the beginning parent or ski instructor have to show and help the child how to use the staff and how to behave in case of fall. When the kids are confident and not afraid anymore they can try to use it on their own.
The child must wear a protective helmet. It is important not only because of falling but also and especially it may save life in case of the collision with another skier. In Poland wearing a helmet is a must for all children under 15.Goggles and UV cream are also a part of ski gear.
The most important principle on the slope is safety and we are responsible for it . How to make sure that our child is safe?
First of all while skiing we should try to keep close in order to make an impression for the other skiers that we move as a group. Just in case it might be a good idea to put in your kid’s pocket a note with hotel address and your phone number.  
In addition you can increase your child’s safety by buying him some fluorescent elements of clothing or colourful jacket or trousers. With that your kid will be perfectly visible not only to you but also to other skiers.
We wish you and your family a joyful experience!