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Skier's Insurance

Insurance is becoming more and more popular and nowadays you don’t have to be persuaded it can be useful.
It is useful not only because of a high cost of medical service while we are abroad, but also because of possibility of different kinds of damage (like stealing of equipment or collision on the slope)
We would like to help you to pick the best insurance offer for you, so before you choose pay a close attention to what is being offered in some particular points of your insurance regulations
Here are few points you should closely examine before signing up the insurance

  •   the guaranteed sum
  • rescue service: you need to check if your insurance includes all kind of transport like helicopter because it is free of charge only in Poland, in the rest of UE you are to pay for it.
  •  the area of civil responsibility
  • what about the cost of ambulatory service
  • how much medical service cost must be pay by you ( often insurance policy refund the medical service only when its cost crosses fixed sum of money
  • if there is a guarantee of legal assistance
  • if our insurance company has its agency in the country you intend to visit
  • whether the insurance policy will cover any damage of equipment or theft and if yes on what conditions.

What should be covered with the ski insurance in Poland ?

  1. NNW policy ( in case of unfortunate accidents )  the amount of damages depends on seriousness of injury and the insured sum
  2. the cost of mountain rescue service
  3. civil liability in private life ( includes the accidents on the slope )equipment insurance

Remember that the cost of such insurance is very small, only a few zets daily ( 2-8 zł per person, and in group insurance is even cheaper ).

And if anything bad will happen ( God forbid ! ) you will be spared the cost of a few up to dozen thousand of medical service or civil liability. Of course we hope everything will go right, but just in case it's better to prevent than cure.