The Jan Kiepura Festival

Since 1967 in Krynica The European Festival of Jan Kiepura is held (formerly: Arias and Songs Festival of Jan Kiepura).
The first festival was organized by Stefan Półchłopek, who was the founder and secretary of the Committee for the Development of Krynica. 
Concerts were held on the promenade and the theater hall of the Old Spa House, and performed with singers of international renown, including: Delfina Ambroziak, Krystyna Szczepanska, Wieslaw Ochman, Andrzej Hiolski, Roman Wegrzyn. 
In later years also came Krynica: Barbara Nieman, Hanna Rumowska Pola Lipinska, Czeslaw Fijalkowska. Concerts were conducted by Jerzy Waldorff, George Katlewicz, Wojciech Dzieduszycki.
Festival was accompanied by competitions for music school graduates, as well as amateurs.
Since 1984, thanks to Boguslaw Kaczynski, the Festival has become a cultural event with a greater range. Each year, outstanding artists sing at the Main Fountain Festival audience could watch the performances: Opera Slaska, Opera Operetta from Kraków, the Grand Theatre in Lódź, Wroclaw and Gliwice Operetta, Musical Theatre in Lodz, etc.
Famous Polish State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Mazowsze” led by Mira Zimińska-Sygietyńska and “Silesia” led by Stanislaus Hadyna performed here .
Through the Festival in August each year Krynica is filled with musical audience from around the world. The festival includes the presentation of great works of opera, operetta, ballet and theater stage productions as well as the promenade concerts. At the core, at the Main Pump Room, in a theater hall, the ballroom of the Old Spa House for two weeks, you can participate in the great world of music with amazing array of singers, musicians, dancers and other celebrities.
For two weeks, thanks to European Festival of Jan Kiepura Krynica is the most musical town in Poland.