Accomodation offers

  • KOŚCIUSZKO Guesthouse is a 2-storeyed villa for 30 guests, located in the center of the health-resort part of Krynica Górska. The building has a historic front elevation, but the interior is designe ...more

  • Go2Krynica Apartments are four large apartments located in different, attractive locations of the city.   We are proud of our friendly atmosphere and attention to detail. Regardless of whether you ...more

  • Willa Jasna jest idealnie położonym obiektem ,w uzdrowiskowej: hotelowo-pensjonatowej części uzdrowiska, w samym Centrum Krynicy tylko ok. 150 metrów od deptaka, a jednocześnie na zacisznej ulic ...more

  • Obiekt Centrum Zdrowia, Urody i Rekreacji GEOVITA w Krynicy-Zdroju to komfortowy ośrodek położony w bezpośrednim sąsiedztwie lasów i Parku Zdrojowego, jest idealnym miejscem na wypoczynek i rel ...more

On Duty

The most important information: address and phone number - when fire brigade, police or municipal police intervention is needed.

By dialing an alarm number '112' you will be connected with fire brigade unit (if calling from stationary phone) or with police office (if calling from mobile phone).

Telephone operators inform and send required emergency services according to received information and need, they can also put you through with telephone operator of particular emergency service.


Such numbers as 997(police), 998(fire brigade), 999(ambulance) were left because people are used to them and because of the specific help some calls need.