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Rafting and Canoeing



It is possible to canoe down the Poprad river for about 80km starting in Stara Lubovnia in Slovakia.
Following trails of canoeing are advised:


  • Among herons and kingfishers
Muszyna – Żegiestów (2,5 – 3 h)
  • In the serenity land
Leluchów – Żegiestów (5 – 6 h)
  • Through the heart of Beskid
Leluchów – Rytro (2 days)
  • Along the trail of four castles
Stara Lubovnia – Rytro (3 – 4 days)

It is advised for beginners to use a safe dinghy and for those who are experienced to use more light and faster canoes or family canoes.

Additionally, every client is given: an oar or a paddle, a flotation collar, waterproof sack for personal belongings, waterproof case for documents and phone and a map if needed.


There are spots suitable for a night in a tent or camping sites, along the trail of canoeing.
In Żegiestów, there is a lodging house.

Rental and delivery of equipment with accessories and transport of participants from the accommodation place to the place where the canoeing starts and back from the place where the canoeing ends – it all costs one person 60zł per day.

Children under 7- free of charge.


For less cuorageous there is a possibility to go down the river on a dinghy led by an instructor - it costs 500zł per one dinghy per day (for 5 adults).

 What is more, there is also a possibility to organise additional attractions such as: sheep roasting on a bonfire, shooting from a bow, listening to the mountain folk band, guitar evening, etc.


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