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How to prepare yourself to winter activities

Do you know how to prepare yourself to winter activities?

The Winter is around us and a lot of people want to get ready and get in shape before skiing or skating long hours in the snow and frost. Below you will find some useful tips which can help you to prepare your mind and body in advance before planned break or holiday.


This is what an experienced ski instructor would advise you on:

At least two months before planned ski break start doing some exercise in order to strengthen those part and muscles of your body which will be loaded most ( different Winter sports requires part sof body to be prepared) .
It can be jogging, cycling, swimming, Nordic walking or any other activities.
The essential is to do it regularly, at least few times a week.
However if you don’t fancy any outdoor activities and prefer your own hours and company it is still possible to get fit, only it will require a lot more effort and self discipline. You should start from 20 up to 40 minutes every day and gradually as the planned break is approaching you should increase time and intensity up to 1 hour.
Last advice is that you should exercise regularly and keep it that way. Than you will enjoy every hour on the slope to the fullest and your body and mind will be refreshed and full of energy for a long time afterwards, when the snow will disappear.