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Description of the Trails


1. Krynica - Jakubik – Kopciowa – Krynica (11,7km) – Short and relatively easy trail for those who want to begin riding mountain bikes. It allows them to become familiar with the specific conditions of riding in the mountains (steep stretches and no asphalt). A trail good for the advanced cyclists to warm up.

2. Krynica – Jaworzyna – Runek – tourist chalet ‘Nad Wierchomlą’ – Szczawnik – Złockie – Jastrzębik – Powroźnik – Krynica (39km) – It is a difficult and varied trail that shows the tourists on bikes how attractive mountain trails of Beskid Sądecki are.


3. Krynica – Tylicz – Wojkowa – Dubne – Leluchów- Muszyna – Powroźnik – Krynica (46,3km) – It is a moderately difficult trail because it is long and leads mainly on asphalt roads, only 3km leads up and through the woods.


4. Krynica – Jakubik - Mochnaczka Niżna – Tylicz – Powroźnik –Krynica (25,2km) – It is a moderately difficult trail leading along roads with little traffic through the picturesque villages.


5.  Jaworzyna Krynicka – Złockie – Szczawnik – Żegiestów – Żegiestów Zdrój – Andrzejówka – Milik – Muszyna – Powroźnik – Krynica (38,9km) – It is available for the intermediate mountain cyclists. Those who are determined enough can reach the top of Jaworzyna by following the trail no2 and adding the route of 8km uphill and a great physical effort.