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Kolejka na Górę Parkową

Polish Cableway Company
tel. (+48 ) 18 471 22 62

Cable car on Parkowa in Krynica was built in 1937 by the Company Ltd " Mountain Railroad in Krynica”, whose main shareholder was the Tourism Promotion Division. It is a funicular rail.
Its lower station (584 m) is located next to the Promenade of Krynica. The upper station is situated at the summit of the mountain (732 m). The length of the route goes along the straight line of 642 m, the altitude difference is 148 m.

It is very similar to that funicular to Gubałówka in the Tatra Mountains, only here the cars have smaller capacity: there are seats for 50 people plus one in each car , and the capacity is 500 people per hour. Driving time is 2:42. Gradient on the route varies from 19 to 26%.
The rail was opened again on 1 June 1946.
It run daily from 10.00 to 19.00, a change in opening hours during the year is presented in the table below.
Departures are scheduled every 15 minutes for minimum 10 people.



Month Opening hours
January 10.00-18.00 school holidays  10.00-20.00
February 10.00-18.00  
March 10.00-18.00 school holidays  10.00-20.00
April 10.00-18.00  
May 9.30-19.00 Weekends 9.30-20.00
June 9.30-19.00  23.06-26.06.2011 to 20.00
July 9.30-19.00  
August 9.30-18.00  
September 10.00-18.00  
October 10.00-16.30  
November 10.00-16.00  
December 10.00-16.00 Between 25.XII – 02.I  10.00-21.00


Discount tickets are entitled to:

  • Children on the basis of a valid student card.
  • Students up to age 26 of a valid Polish student card, ISIC and EURO 26th cards.
  • People over 60 years of age- on presentation of a document establishing age.

Ticket price for caregivers of school groups (one per 10 pupils) 2 zł per person.

Entitled to free passage:

  • Children under 4 
  • Guides who lead the groups.

For the carriage of deck chairs, sleds, etc. additional charges are levied.

prices for 2011 season



Ticket high season low season
Normal one -way 8,00 zł 5,00 zł
Normal return 12,00 zł 8,00 zł
Reduced one-way 6,00 zł 4,00 zł
Reduced return 9,00 zł 6,00 zł
Normal return for a group of  min. 20 people 10,00 zł/person 7,00 zł/person
Reduced return for a group of min. 20 people 7,00 zł/person 5,00 zł/person


Season covers the period from 20'th December 2010 to September 30'th  2011

Low season covers the period from 1'st October 2010 to December 23'rd 2011


Attractions at the top


At the top station there is a cafe with terrace.
Right next to the station there is a tower of bobsley traversed path, which was at the lower end of rail station. Today, the tower of the old toboggan was turned into so-called "Paradise slides”. There are different types of gutters, the highlight for the youngest, but not only.

There is also a great fun on Parkowa Mountain top. It is "Kubusiowy slope", which operates a lift conveyor SUN KID, commonly called here the "magic carpet". Length of the lift is 100 m, and driving time is 4 min. With favourable snow conditions both skiers and sleigh rider, may use it.

Slide pontoon is a specially prepared track of 130 m length, where you can slid down on the tire - it's great fun for everyone.

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Walks on Parkowa Mountain

An excellent walking area is a park on the slopes of the mountain where the original layout of the tracks is still preserved. In the twenties of the XX century on the initiative of E. Chodzicki (Professor of Agricultural University of Cracow), the park was redesigned. The paths were widened, exotic trees planted, and the route of the railway and ski tracks were designed and a toboggan run built. After the war, however, the park was neglected.

In the nineties a wooden sledge- track with a length of 1600 m-where in 1935 Sledge Championships took place-was dismantled. In 2001, however, a group of enthusiasts took to the track reconstruction and rebuilt it’s lower section.

Walking through the park is worth recommending, because numerous benches, summer houses make it possible to adjust the walk to the person’s physical condition, age or health status.

Walking around the Park Hill we find four lakes, in which from spring to autumn swims swans and ducks.

'Michasiowa Polana' is a popular resting place during a stroll around Parkowa Mountain. There is also a source called 'Bocianówka'.

Below “Michasiowa Polana” there is a famous statue of Our Lady of Parkowa Mountain, which is believed to have been performing miracles. The figure was designed by Arthur Grottger the famous Polish painter. A figure of Our Lady of Grace stood in 1864, the Founder of the statue was Countess Seweryna Badeni, who had ordered two twin figures. One stood on Mary's Square in Lviv, the other is in Krynica. In front of the figure gather the sick and the needy who seek Our Lady help in their sufferings.

Parkowa Mountain is covered with spruce, fir, pine, larch, and in the lower parts grow beech, maple and lime. The area of Michasiowa Polana exotic specimens of dune pine, fir and Douglas fir tree, or Canadian Christmas trees can be found.