Tryumfy Guest House

ul. Zdrojowa 12, Krynica-Zdrój
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Information on object

"Tryumfy" Guest House
  • Is located in the very centre of Krynica


  • Consists of 2 buildings


  • Rooms have the balconies


  • We can guest 100 persons at once


  • We have 2 spacious TV-rooms


  • Traditional, homemade cuisine


  • Beautiful views for the Pedestrian Zone and Parkowa Mountain


distance from the centre of Krynica 200 m

description of rooms

TRYUMF I – the first building(with reception, TV room for all the guests and manager office)


I category rooms (studio type) consists of: 2 rooms, one bathroom + small hall
first room is 2-persons type, the second may be 2, 3 or  4-persons type, there is a TV, radio and a phone in the rooms


II category rooms (with sinks inside) and bathroom in the hall (overall for 17 persons)


TRYUMF II – the second building ( with TV room for all the guests )


I category rooms ( 2-persons with bathrooms and TV )


II category rooms – most of them with inside bathrooms ( overall for 50 persons )




Other attractions:
  • All-season Ice Rink -  500 m


  • Ski lifts - about 300 m


  • Funicular Rail to Parkowa Mountain – 200 m


  • Cable Rail to Jaworzyna Mountain - 6 km


  • Hiking proposals


  • Bus tours  (Dolina Popradu, Kamianna and  Slovakia )


  • Horse riding - 4 km


  • Pump rooms- 200 m




  • Billiards
  • Car park
  • Children’s cot on request
  • Conference room
  • Full / half board
  • Garden
  • Internet
  • Online booking
  • Rest place for children and youth groups
  • Satellite TV
  • Ski locker
  • Studio apartment
  • Table tennis
  • We speak English

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accommodation in I'st category room ( per night ) 65.00 PLN / person
II'nd category room ( per night ) 45.00 PLN / person
full board ( 3 meals ) 45.00 PLN / person

ATTENTION! Additional local fee per day: Krynica: 3,50 zl. Tylicz: 2,00 zl. Żegiestów: 3,00 zl.

special offer





  • Accommodation (3 days with full board) 320 zł

                                                          (59 zł per night)



  • Accommodation (7 days with full board) 730 zł

                                                          (40 zł per night)



  • Accommodation (7 days with half board) 640 zł

  • Accommodation (14 days with full board) 1355 zł

                                                          (52 zł per night) 





  • Accommodation (3 days with full board)  262 zł

                                                            (42 zł per night)


  • Accommodation (7 days with full board) 598  zł

                                                            (40 zł per night)


  •  Accommodation (7 days with half board) 500 zł

  • Accommodation (14 days with full board) 1134 zł

                                                        (36 zł per night)  


During school holiday we offer salt cave for free and a carnet for mineral water in pump rooms.


With 7-day stay 3 tickets to the salt cave or 1 for the pump room for free.


With 14-day stay 5 tickets to the salt cave or  1 for the water in pump room and 2 for the salt cave (as a package).


Special discounts for the groups !!!


Location of accommodation

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